Critics? We All Are

It’s no shame to admit that one time or the other, someone has been a subject of your critical nature. We all in some circumstance has felt something is not handled right and spoken of it. There wouldn’t have been development if, process or methods have not been challenged, that suffice then to say criticism is needed.

As much as good can result from criticising, it can be demeaning. Criticism is quite unavoidable but it should be channelled right. The motive or the drive for the criticism is more important than the criticism itself.

Are you becoming an expert in spotting the wrong of others? Maybe you should analyze yourself and see how wrong you are. Many times we forget that we see things through our own eyes, it’s your perception and knowledge about things that reflects in what you say about it. You can see a cloth as dirty because you are looking at it through a dirty lens, not necessarily because it is dirty.

Before you raise a voice about something wrong, remember to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. You are no better than anybody. Don’t always be critical, it’s a lonely state.


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