I had my longest road trip experience yesterday, with a little below twelve hours on the road. The events of the expedition is a story for a time which is definitely not now. At some point in the travel, I was snatched away from my thoughtless state by a staggering statement I heard off a conversation between two other passengers we were on board together.

“How can fear of your parents stop you from being creative?” that what the question that got to me. The first obvious thing to me was the fact that this man, who seems a father already went through his developmental ages fearing his dad in particular. What was most disheartening in this matter was the place of him not realizing how that has affected him and affecting his kids or will affect them.

He went on to debate the fact that its good we feared our dads and I began to wonder how he will be treating his kids. But was he right about kids fearing their dad as a positive? Or he got that totally wrong? Have your say…….

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