A fair share

Bias is in the diction of men

Division has become our watchword

Fairness and judgement shrugged off

Equality and equity quenched

With strides of segregation.

All have become a cynic


We have successfully failed to learn

We have ignored the diction of nature

Blinded to the serenity; the fair share

How come we all believe in deservedness

Against the call of the cosmos

Have we been worthy of a thing?

Does the sun wait for our actions before shinning

Has the butterflies choosen whose crops to pollinate?

When did the rain fall on a field based on honesty or affluence?

Does it matter if you deserve it or not

Or could you ever deserve it?


Has anyone had more than seven days a week?

Or is there a measure for dispensing us oxygen daily

Maybe you have seen a man with three arms

Is there anyone born with a load of knowledge to succeed?

It’s a fair share for all

That is the language of nature

Equity and fairness holds it all in sync

It is a lesson we should never ignore.

No one has to deserve a thing

You never deserved to help them too anyways

It’s all a privilege, never own it a right

It is all a fair share.

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