Disappointment is simply the emotion felt (negative) when a strongly held expectation is not met. Maybe I should define it from the word itself; when there is a dis appointment; it’s like you have an appointment with someone and that hope is let down, the dude or the babe failed to show up.
We are constantly in situations when we consciously or rather unconsciously expect something or a benefit from someone. We are in times when entitlement is as subtle as pride, we seem to expect something from almost everyone. Consequently we are open to be disappointed every now and then. How do we handle disappointment?
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1. Remember we all are Humans: get the fact well seated in your consciousness that all of us are still humans even at our best. We are beings primarily restricted in our control of things and situations;

so when I say I will give you 5k tomorrow , don’t be feeling like you heard God because I’m a CEO or whatever.

I’m still a man and I’m subject to lot of things the commonest being forgetfulness.

2. Deal with Entitlement mindset: My sister and brother, the money is mine o and the pocket is also mine.

“Don’t go and be feeling like sebi he said he will send me money and think it’s your right.”

It’s not your salary that I promised so stop feeling like you own it; it’s rather a privilege to have someone promise you something, stop putting all your life on it.

3. Get to Work: disappointment is directly linked with expectation, getting your hands busy is one way to curb some financial expectations.

When you work and see how “easy” it is to make money, you won’t be going about expecting someone to just dash you money.

You should aspire to become someone looked up to not always the other way round.

4. Learn to trust God: the source of all things is God, put you trust in Him instead of man.

It is His words alone that you can trust and be sure He won’t disappoint.

He is able to do all things at all times because He made all things. In Him alone there is no shadow of doubt, so learn to trust him alone.

Get your expectations reduced and you disappointments will follow suit.
Watch out for Disappointments 2 in relation to Relationships. Thanks for reading, love you.

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