First Things First

We are daily encumbered with many things, from family to work, to church and sometimes community administration. If one is not careful, one’s day and consequently life will be spent by the demands on our time. We cannot deny the fact that there will be constant demands on our time, attention and commitment; how then do we ensure to have a good grip on how our life is spent and still pay attention to the important things? There are somethings we should treat as essentials in our lives, irrespective of the demands other things are placing on us; first things should be first. Below are somethings that should be first:
1. CREATOR: a creation cannot live meaningfully outside the guide of its creator as no appliance can be maximized in use outside the manufacturer’s manual. It is not a thing of choice but of necessity for a man to remain connected with God, because that’s how he was designed to function.

Many live a vague life, filled with confusion and void because they have neglected their source.

2. FAMILY: we should never forget the channel through which we came to the world and our first scope of influence, that is our family. After our creator, we are next shaped by our family; and as a married person you have lives to shape.

No matter how cumbersome our lives become due to several engagements, we should never let our family be left unattended to.

3. PURPOSE: I’m not talking about career or occupation, I’m talking about a reason for life. We are constantly supplied with resources for life because there was a reason we are existing.

Never get too busy outside the reason for living.

Don’t be busy dispensing your energy, time and resources on ventures that are not key to your existence.
4. HEALTH: you must never forget that the usefulness of a man is resident upon his health.

Do not kill the horse with the message, you cannot function outside your physical body as it were.

So never be too encumbered to forget how to take care of your health, feed well, rest well and exercise well.
Get the balance up there now; you are a failure when you cannot strike a good line between these important things. Spend all day with God and forget you health, you will be spiritual but will die untimely. Focus on your family at the expense of your purpose, you will be frustrated and get everyone in your home more frustrated. Life is about balance, but these four must be well balanced. Be with God and your family, get busy with purpose and don’t neglect your health.

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