To the deepest of me I made the first call
Who am I?
Searching within me, I sought the first thought of
Who am I?
The emptiness within failed the eagerness to know
Who am I?
To the fuzzy and buzzy world
In the hustle and bustle I ask
Who am I?

To the beaming eyes of my parents I look
Seeking definition to Who I should
But woe to him who trust in men
I searched the highways, I sought at the byways
I delved into the subways, raking through all aisles
Running after the answer to the question running through my mind
Who am I?

At the point of turmoil when I was almost the source of humour
Because of my clamour for who I am
I was found by He who glamour in glory
With glamorous grace he quenched my questioning
With so much light he brightened my eyes
And now I can confidently confess
With concrete assurance I can profess that

I am He whose glory lies in his strength
Whose strength will always be made new
Who will mount up as though an eagle
I will run but my fortitude will not be in ruin
Forth I will walk but will not be walked
I will be like the nurtured plant
Nourished by the pool of waters
I am a branch that remains in the vine
I bear fruits in due season
I am a corner pillar coutured as for a palace
The cornerstone indispensable to the building
I am he after the likeness of God’s own son
I am joint heirs with Christ.

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