5 Things On Goals

Money has been thought by many as the most volatile resource,but we have not paid attention to time. The sum of a man’s life is the entirety of what he has invested his time in. To make your life count, you must learn to take hold of time and to take hold of time you must be diligent with goals.
Goal is an end towards which efforts are directed, it’s a tool to keep time usage in check. Goal setting is the framework for personal achievement. Take note of this five things in dealing with goals;
1. SET SPECIFIC GOALS: I want to have a better health this month seems like a good thing to say, but it’s not specific. I will workout four times a week this month is something more specific. I will stay off chocolate this month is another specific goal; not statements like I want to feed well this month. Make your goals directional not vague
2.BREAK DOWN YOUR GOALS INTO TASKS: It will be pointless to say I want to work out four times a week for a month and not break it down. I should have days in the week assigned for the workout and what activity is involved. That keeps your goal measurable, and achievable. Goals not broken to daily or weekly tasks is a wish
3.BE COMMITTED TO IT: Let your goals guide your life. Jim Rohn said

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement.”

It’s discipline that will make you stay on course in achieving you goals, without it you will not grow.
4.REVIEW YOUR GOALS:Our lives proceed in stages and a constant check on what needs to be done per time will help keep us on track. Make sure that your current goals match your current life needs. You shouldn’t be setting goals on marriage when you need to work on your business.
5.SET TIME LIMITS FOR YOUR GOALS: a goal looses it’s potency to make you grow when it is timeless. Zig Ziglar said

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as who you become by achieving your goals

The aim of goal setting is to help you have a disciplined personal life, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound will gear you towards that end.

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