The life of a man is not constituted in the things he is able to do for himself, but in the things he is able to effect in others. No one has lived to leave a mark, to blaze a path without touching people’s heart. I won’t need to tell you the touching of heart could be positive or negative alike.

If a worthy life will require impacting lives, touching hearts positively, bringing succor and peace to others; then the life must be lived with intention.

If I desire to drive a nail into a wood, I wouldn’t just grab the hammer and keep banging it against anything that seems like the nail head; I must be directional, I must focus the hammer with intention.

If your life will truly be one that meets the demand of impact, you must then live each day with intention. Success like I do say is not phenomenal neither is it spontaneous, it is a product of intentions. I wouldn’t expect to pass an exam without exercising some intentional efforts. A plate of rice cannot just end up in my belly without mine or others effort to pass it down my gut.

A life that will be reckoned with is one that is doctored daily with intentions…….A Disciplined Personal Life.

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